An American Fatty in London (fatfeistyfemme) wrote in lardcore,
An American Fatty in London

FatGirl Frock Swap 2 - Portland, OR

Riding the Poly/Cotton-Blend Coattails of our first successful event, the FatGirl Frock Swap 2 clothing exchange is a full-day of flabulous chub-lovin' frock-swappin' fun! Bring us your last season, your retired, your rumpled masses and we'll turn them loose to a joyful crowd of potential owners!

When: Sunday, April 4th 2004, 10:30am to 4:30pm

Where: Nocturnal (1800 East Burnside) - Downstairs Lounge is open All Day!

How It Works: For every 3 items of clothing you bring to exchange, you get a ticket good for 1 FREE item of clothing (Limit: 3 tickets). For any items above your 3 free, the cost is just $3! Ball Caps to Ball Gowns, we don't care!

What: Clothing from 1x to 10x! DJ's! Spoken Word Performances! Refreshments! CHEAP CLOTHES!! Proceeds to benefit Fat Action Troupe Portland and the FatGirl Speaks production! All remaining clothing at day's end will be donated to local women's shelters and non-profit organizations. for more info!
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