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An American Fatty in London

FatGirl Frock Swap - Portland, OR (xposted)

Hey y'all! Please please please pass this along!

The FatGirl Frock Swap information has been confirmed. Mark your calendars and spread the news, 'cuz the more folks that show up, the bigger the Frock Swapping Selection will be! It will be from 10am to 5pm, Sunday November 2nd at Nocturnal. (1800 e. burnside st. portland, OR 97214 - 503.239.5900 )

WHEN: Sunday, November 2nd
WHERE: Nocturnal (1800 E Burnside)
CLOTHING: mostly FREE! ;)
SIZES: from 14 to 10x!

Here's how it will work:

Bring Clothes! For every 3 items of used clothing you donate, you will receive a ticket good for one free item of clothing! (limit: 5 tickets)

We will have donations of new items from Big Boxers of Brooklyn, Alight.Com, Big At Heart, Love Your Peaches and more -- so you may potentially be trading in used clothes for new ones! After you've redeemed all your tickets, you can pick up additional items for only $3 a piece, no matter what they are. Baseball cap to Ball Gown, it makes no difference to us. THREE DOLLARS! Where else are fat chicks gonna find great $3 clothing in a world full of overpriced gold lamè and leopard print body suits?

We'll have DJ's spinning tunes while you swap your frocks, free refreshments, raffle prizes and a whooooole lotta fun!

Proceeds from the FatGirl Frock Swap will go to help offset the costs of next year's FatGirl Speaks -- Saturday, May 8th 2004 at the Roseland Theatre! For more information, see (which will be updated sometime before the next millenium. I swear.)

See you there!

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