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FUCK. deaths and the left overs sufferingal aftermath.

Start: my grandfather, Paul Smith [yes, those of you involved or interested in the music industry do recognize the name. he was the president of sony for twenty something years] died yesterday. Tonight at dinner someone brought it up. We had guests over for New Years and so my parents were talking about how generous he was with his money and his compassion. I, ask a question, which was the stupidest thing I could of done....rather, the outcome was the stupidest thing.
me:"So if Grandpa Paul died, all the money goes to Grandma Nita even though they are divorced, right? But do his children get any of that now, or only when Grandma Nita passes away too?"
father:"Well, David, Susan, Jeff, and uh.. what's the other sisters name, the lesbo one?-"
father:yeah, that's that lesbo's name, can never keep it straight. [verbal irony to the fullest]
-striking silence as i glare at my father-
noelle:she doesn't like when you say those terms, daddy.
father:she's just sensetive to nothing. all that liberal bullshit she involves herself with. it's nothing mean or anything, i'm not discriminati-
me:it's not "anything", you're right. it's something. i don't like hearing discrimination against myself either.
-fa l l i n g silence. -
me:gets up from table and leaves.
fuck. i'm so fucking dead. my dad is so anti-gay and it's bullshit. ::bangs head on keyboard::
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